Deck Savers was established over 15 years ago when there was a realization that there's a big demand for cleaning and preserving decks, but a lack of professionals specialized in doing it. Here at Deck Savers, we have a huge passion for refinishing decks. We truly enjoy transforming plain old decks into bright and beautiful ones. To ensure the highest quality job, we use the best quality products available. If you are interested in receiving a free quote please give us a call today. It would be our pleasure working for you and we hope to hear from you soon.

meet the deck savers team

Deck Savers : Connecticut Team, Brian Scobie

Brian Scobie

With many years in the business world and a passion for working with my hands I found a need for refinishing wood structures such as decks, fences, wood homes, etc.

I find it extremely rewarding to be capable of transforming dingy moldy wood from being not only an eye sore but protecting your hard earned investments. I started DeckSavers over 15 yrs ago and find it very exciting to get other like minded individuals involved in my company.

Deck Savers : Connecticut Team, James Pascarella

James Pascarella

In 2008, I began working with Brian at DeckSavers. After graduating from University of New Haven in 2011 with my Bachelors in Business Management and a minor in Marketing, Brian offered me an opportunity to become a partner in DeckSavers.

Being a part of DeckSavers has been a great experience. It never gets old seeing old moldy decks being restored to look brand new, and seeing customers in shock of how nice the deck comes out.